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To investigate the adjuvant cabergoline therapy effects on menstrual irregularity and androgen system in PCOS women with hyperprolactinemia. testosterone.

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Serum from 40 fasting donors of both genders, aged 30-60 years, were frozen at -25 °C. Aliquots of the 40 different samples went through 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 thaws, respectively. They were analyzed after 3 month of storage for 15 serum components including electrolytes and metabolites, proteins and enzymes, lipids, hormones and vitamins. One-way analyses of variance (ANOVA) with repeated measurements and equivalence tests were used to examine differences in component levels. testosterone.

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Data from the Fremantle Diabetes Study Phase II (FDS2; n=1551, mean age 65.7years, 51.9% males) and Busselton Diabetes Study (BDS; n=186, mean age 70.2years, 50.0% males) cohorts, and from 186 matched BDS participants without diabetes, were analyzed. The prevalence of anemia (hemoglobin ≤130g/L males, ≤120g/L females) was determined in each sample. In FDS2, associates of anemia were assessed using multiple logistic regression and Cox proportional hazards modeling identified predictors of death during 4.3±1.2years post-recruitment. testosterone.

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After three months, we observed significant improvements in erectile function [IIEF-5, median (IQR) = 13.0 (7.0-18.0) versus 6.0 (5.0-6.75); p < 0.01] and of the main metabolic [homeostatic model assessment index, median (IQR) = 2.5 (1.62-3.37) versus 3.0 (2.0-3.75); p < 0.01; body mass index, median (IQR) = 27.0 (24.0-28.75) versus 27.5 (24.0-29.5)] and vascular parameters [peak systolic velocity, median (IQR) = 29.5 (24.25-31.0) versus 28.0 (23.0-24.25); acceleration time, median (IQR) = 114 (105.25-134.0) versus 115.0 (106.5-134.0)], assessed by PDUE. testosterone.

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Chronic or repeated cocaine use has been linked to impairments in social skills. It is not clear whether cocaine is responsible for this impairment or whether other factors, like polydrug use, distort the observed relation. We aimed to investigate this relation by means of a placebo-controlled experimental study. Additionally, associations between stressor-related activity (cortisol, cardiovascular parameters) induced by the biological stressor cocaine, and potential cocaine effects on emotion recognition were studied. Twenty-four healthy recreational cocaine users participated in this placebo-controlled within-subject study. Participants were tested between 1 and 2 h after treatment with oral cocaine (300 mg) or placebo. Emotion recognition of low and high intensity expressions of basic emotions (fear, anger, disgust, sadness, and happiness) was tested. Findings show that cocaine impaired recognition of negative emotions; this was mediated by the intensity of the presented emotions. When high intensity expressions of Anger and Disgust were shown, performance under influence of cocaine ‘normalized’ to placebo-like levels while it made identification of Sadness more difficult. The normalization of performance was most notable for participants with the largest cortisol responses in the cocaine condition compared to placebo. It was demonstrated that cocaine impairs recognition of negative emotions, depending on the intensity of emotion expression and cortisol response. testosterone.

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Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) resulting in testosterone suppression is central to the management of prostate cancer (PC). As PC incidence increases, ADT is more frequently prescribed, and for longer periods of time as survival improves. Initial approaches to ADT included orchiectomy or oral estrogen (diethylstilbestrol [DES]). DES reduces PC-specific mortality, but causes substantial cardiovascular (CV) toxicity. Currently, luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonists (LHRHa) are mainly used; they produce low levels of both testosterone and estrogen (as estrogen in men results from the aromatization of testosterone), and many toxicities including osteoporosis, fractures, hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, muscle weakness, increased risk for diabetes, changes in body composition, and CV toxicity. An alternative approach is parenteral estrogen, it suppresses testosterone, appears to mitigate the CV complications of oral estrogen by avoiding first-pass hepatic metabolism, and avoids complications caused by estrogen deprivation. Recent research on the toxicity of ADT and the rationale for revisiting parenteral estrogen is discussed. testosterone.

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